We're ComSys - Ann IT company based in the midlands being able to serve the whole of the UK from our offices on the Leicestershire / Warwickshire borders. We provide business like yours with a whole suite of products and services from off the shelf to bespoke developed solution to allow you to make to most of your IT budgets. If you would like to find out more about what we offer then click here.

Our History

ComSys was established in 1996 by the current 2 partners to offer local businesses a one-stop solution for all their computer needs, this soon grew to offering solutions across the United Kingdom and parts of Europe, including several blue chip organisations

Our Values

We were founded with the core aim of providing a friendly and professional service in all areas of our work, ensuring our clients get the most out of the current and future IT spend and wherever possible bring innovation and efficiencies to the solutions we provide.

Our Team

With many years industry experience The Team at ComSys has been brought together from all aspects of the industry to ensure fully comprehensive and innovative solutions are always on hand. If you have any questions you think we can help you with please contact our offices for a chat +44 (0)1455 292992. Our team will always try to help.

Stock It - The complete stock management system

Stock It

Stock It is a powerful stock management system. By using a portable caption data device, Stock-It can be used anywhere . Data is downloaded onto a main computer reducing time and increasing accuracy even further. If you would like to find out more about Stock-It click here

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Stock It has a whole range of powerful reports available, ensuring that your business is unleashing its true potential. Stock It can produce reports on stock use by department, stock use by user and stock movements, as well as many more in depth reports.



Stock It pulls information instantly from your data, meaning that information is generated in real time, with any updates made viewable across the network almost instantly.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Stock It helps keeps your business costs down with a range of powerful tools designed to enhance your stock management. In-depth stock control functionality that means daily tasks are efficiently performed and stock level optimisation that is easily and accurately maintained, Stock It provides all the tools for effective stock management.

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Xtreme Booking

We have created our Xtreme Booking system specifically designed for the events industry initially for the Paintball market it has spread to all types of events. Taking in to account special requirements such as advance bookings, special meals, multi sites, and many more. With all these features it is really no surprise that Xtreme has been found to be a powerful and ultimately profitable tool of the trade when it comes to Event Management.



With the unique active calendars, multiple sites can be viewed from month, week and day. A Simple click of a mouse will let you zoom directly into the next view or booking details

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Specialist Application

Xtreme was developed exclusively for the events industry. It was developed to provide those in the events industry with a system that works for them, and propels their business to the next level. The system has a whole range of powerful features designed to take your events booking to the next level

Paintball Management


Xtreme can help you manage your events booking like never before.

Morph- Tech Website

Morph-Tech - Garage Management Software

We were approached by Morph-Tech to design a website built for the 21st century, we looked at the existing branding they had, and built upon this to provide them with a website that represented there corparate style.

ComSys - Launch Page

ComSys - Launch Page

We built a launch page for ourselves to advertise the launch of our new website. We also created some custom responsive HTML email's that we sent out to our customer's at each stage of the website launch.

HandiMate - Estimatics Website

HandiMate - Estimatics by Auto3p

We were approached by Auto3p to design a website for HandiMate which is a mobile estimatics system - We created a flat website that works great on all devices, and designed all the graphics for the site as well.

Morph-Tech Help Website

Morph-Tech - Help Website

We were again approached by Morph-Tech to provide them with a website that would allow there clients to receive remote support. We designed a website that was responsive and clean, and most importantly filtered out any broswers that didn't support the software

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Auto3P Branding

Following on from the work we did on the Auto3p website we were asked to design and get produced, a whole range of promotional items that would be given out at tradeshows. We worked closely with the company to ensue that they were happy with the designs, and most importantly that it tied into the already existing items they had produced.

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We can design, and get produced a whole range of advertising materials for you. From flyers to business cards and everything in between, we can produce High-Quality print materials and digital advertising that is unique to you

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Letter Heads

We can design letter heads that fit into your business identity, whether you want it to fit into your pre-existing branding, or for us to design something fresh and different. We work with you to ensure that your customers remember you forever, and not just for a moment.

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Product Branding

We can create unique marketing materials for your own individual projects. We ensure that the design provided by ourselves is as unique as your product, and we can create a whole range of different materials so that your products are presented in a way that works for you.

Our Services

Software Development

We develop bespoke applications in : Visual Basic, C++ , Java , Crystal Reports , Pascal, Delphi , ASP and more. To find out more click here

Phone & VOIP Solutions

We provide complete Phone & Voip packages that are tailored for your business. To find out more click here

Web Site Design

We design and maintain websites to suit your needs. Each website is unique, and tailored for you. To find out more click here

Graphic Design Solutions

We offer design solutions in all areas of busines. We can design for Web and Print and everything inbetween. To find out more click here

Anti Virus Solutions

We provide Anti Virus solutions to help keep your computer's digitally secure. To find out more click here

Hardware & Upgrades

We provide multi-user and stand alone computer systems to meet the needs of your business. To find out more click here

E-Mail & Website Hosting

We provide e-mail and website hosting on our servers, providing you with a tailored approach to customer relations. To find out more click here

Support Services

We provide support packages that are built for your needs and deliver a customised support package. To find out more click here


ComSys have provided ICT consultancy to business since day one. If you need anything from a little advice to full project management we are able to help. Remember consultancy services are not just for the beginning of a project but also more importantly at the end for Post Implementation reviews.. click here


The Cloud

ComSys has been around the computer world for many years, we remember when “The Cloud” was just called the internet. To make the most of the new possibilities for your business to work and connect to your old and new customers ComSys can assist with our One stop solutions.


The cloud provides a way of uploading files that can be accesed anywhere. Meaning you can access important documents from any location.


The cloud provides a platform to download any important items, form any time, you can access files from anywhere, on whatever device you like.