Phone & VOIP

It’s time to evolve your communications, if you are still running a hardware based PBX it may be time to start looking at some of the software based solutions that could save you a fortune.

Anytime, Anywhere

With a software based PBX linked with a VoIP provider you can not only save money on calls but also eliminate some costs all together, you can literally take your extension with you anywhere you take your mobile phone of laptop using a desktop/mobile app means you’re always connected. Meaning even if you’re out of the office you can be contacted on your office extension offering a seamless connection.

Easy To Use

With a simple to use software interface it’s easier than ever to add a new extension or divert a line or even setup a digital receptionist to direct calls around your business. A software based solution can be install and configured in no time at all.

Any Device

As well as utilising traditional desk phones that just use your current network you can also download an android/IOS app to run the phone client on your mobile device, there is also a Windows desktop client to allow you to answer calls directly from your computer or laptop. This means home workers or reps are closer to the office than ever before.