Software is something we all rely on, be it to run our business systems or bill out customers, however; sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a solution that quite fits the bill. That’s where we come in. Comsys has over 30 years of software development experience.

Working closely with our customers using an agile project management approach we can be sure were are developing software that meets not only our customers’ needs but also their budget.

We also try and offer our customers a unique solution tailored just for them, other providers are often keen to customise an off the shelf solution where as we always start from scratch, building a solid foundation of understanding to ensure we deliver correctly first time, every time.

Old dogs, New Tricks.

While we are the “old dogs” we are always looking to learn something new, we keep up with all current and upcoming trends in development to always make sure the solutions we provide are like us, resilient and ready to stand the test of time.

The Agile Approach.

Using an agile project management style we like to work closely with our customers, we will give you a single point of contact who you can talk to directly.

Constant Access

We facilitate you with access to the software at various stages of development enabling us to react to changes quickly and efficiently updating requirements if needed. Meaning that we can get you the product you need as quickly as possible.